I have seen a lot of this claim going around lately. “Free will is an illusion!” The result of that being true would be that nature has pre-programmed us to think and believe the way we do, in other words, one would have no choice but to believe free will is an illusion.  How would one determine that statement to be objectively true? The answer is you can’t, it’s impossible. Why you ask? Simple, if you claim it to be objectively true then I’ll just retort that it’s not REALLY objectively true, nature just pre-programmed you to believe it to be objectively true. So when I see atheists that claim this statement I wonder why they waste their time. If what they say is true, then there is virtually no objectivity in the world. Morals, truth, and meaning would all be subjected to the  way nature programmed the individual to see those concepts. The claims regarding God’s existence would be neither true nor false. So whenever I see that claim being made by an individual I think to myself either A. He/She doesn’t really believe that or B. He/She doesn’t fully understand the concept or implications of what he/she is professing to believe.