Recently I’ve seen the claim that God can’t be merciful and just at the same time because “sending” someone to hell isn’t merciful and letting someone into heaven despite not having accepted Christ isn’t just, therefore He can’t be merciful and just at the same time. This is just plain false since God is not actually sending people to hell. Sin is repelled from God’s presence into hell, and if someone is holding onto their sin as it’s repelled into hell, and they don’t let go, that’s their fault. Another point is this, God is all merciful because he provided a way to get into heaven when we, as humans, deserved nothing of the sort. He is just because of the fact that if you reject His payment of the penalty of sin and choose to pay it yourself, He will not force you to be with Him against your will. You may say “My will would change after I died and saw what awaited me.” It would be unjust and unfair for all those in heaven who suffered and got burned at the stake or got beheaded for Jesus for God to allow you into heaven then. So in conclusion, God is merciful because he provided a way to heaven when we deserved nothing of the sort, that provision was dying in our place. He is just because if you reject his payment by holding onto your sin and being repelled from His presence, that means you decided to pay for your sins yourself and He will respect that, even if it’s extremely stupid (which it is)